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Diagnostic Pathology is a comprehensive medical laboratory and pathology practice with laboratory and patient pathology collection centre locations throughout Hyderabad.

Our mission is to deliver better insights into the health of more Indians and is inextricably linked to our foundations and heritage borne through medical and scientific leadership.

Our Specialist

Our radiologists understand when an imaging test may help answer a question about a symptom, disease, injury or treatment – and also when imaging is unlikely to be helpful. If a test is needed, they will know what kind (and if it’s multiple tests, the order in which they should be done to get the best result). In responding to requests for tests or interventional treatments, a radiologist will consider different options and the risks and benefits, before determining the best course of action.

Our Quality Principles

All aspects of our services are underpinned by our quality principles:

  • To be the provider of choice for patients and health care providers, offering a patient-centred service, continuing to meet the demands of local and hospital based clinicians, our healthcare partners and our patients.
  • To build on our strengths of rapid access and result communication.
  • To utilise assets effectively, making the most of our patient care environments, optimising the patient and referring doctor experience while simultaneously improving the access to, availability of services.
  • To improve patient outcomes by giving immediate access to diagnostic imaging services coupled with immediate effective result communication.
  • To maintain a culture of clinical best practice throughout the organisation, ensuring the personal and professional development of all our team members.