• Emergency Case

    If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours, call emergency appointment number for emergency service.
  • Doctors Timetable

    Here at medicenter we have individual doctor's lists. Click read more below to see services and current timetable for our doctors.
  • Workplace Driving Medicals

    The Department of Workplace Driving Medicals at Care Point Medical, is a world-class facility offering best solutions.
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Welcome to Care Point Medical Clinic

Care Point Medical Clinic is located in heart of Casuarina which is located in the northern suburbs of Darwin. We are fully accredited(AGPAL) offering best quality of Medical care to you and your family. Our Practice is modern and hygienic we strive to offer appointments that address your concerns and are easily accessible. We are disable friendly and are conveniently located in casuarina between Casuarina club and Caltex petrol station.

  • Immunisations Services

    Immunisations Services vary with age, health, lifestyle and occupational factors. Infant immunization covers most vaccines but some of them like, tetanus vaccine, need booster doses to effectively keep the body immunity working.

  • Mental Health

    Our aim is to provide quality mental health services for individuals, organizations and community.  We commit to raise a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential

  • Travel/Flu Vaccine

    Remember that prevention can be travel-sized! Include items in your kit that might be helpful if you get sick, such as tissues, pain or fever medicine, soap, and an alcohol-based sanitizer to use in case soap and water are not available. For other health items to consider

  • ECG & Spirometry

    Resting ECG (electrocardiogram) is used to diagnose some heart abnormalities and exercise ECG can help to show if there is a possibility of significant coronary artery disease. The spirometry test is used to determine lung function and to detect lung disease

  • Health Problem

    Carepoint Medical Clinic offers a wide range of healthcare packages which are designed for various types of customers who require cost effective solutions for managing their healthcare requirements.

  • Pediatric

    Carepoint Medical Clinic provides a wide range of Paediatric services of the highest standards. This specialized department handles various cases related to new born Infants and children of different ages.

Our Deoartments

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